Supporting a loved one with depression

It can be difficult supporting a loved one or friend who is suffering with depression. Here are a few ways to show them your support and that they are not alone;

Just be there

It might not feel like much but letting them know you are there and they are not alone can make all the difference.

Listen to how they are feeling

Listen without judging and let them know that you are there to listen when they need it. Voicing how they feel and feeling heard can make a big difference.

Ask them if there is anything you can do to help

There might be nothing they need but just knowing that you are there if they do need anything will help them reach out when they do need help.

You're not a burden, you're important to me

Often those with depression will not reach out as they feel they are burdening others. Reassurance that they are not a burden can feel like a huge relief to someone with depression.

Encourage them to reach out to others

The more depressed someone is the more they withdraw. Depression recovery often starts with the person reaching out.


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